Monday, June 27, 2011

What I have learned from Blogging

The summer has inched itself right into our lives the days longer weather hotter I love it. I am ready for a bit of sunshine lasting more than a few hours in the day. I work the mid afternoon shift so in early morning time I get to go outdoors to water, garden, paint all the fun things before I am sitting at my desk for 5 hours straight.
This weekend I went to a baby shower for my daughter's dear friend. I was quite impressed to find how much my daughter has learned from the blog inserts I have sent her. I read your blogs even though I may not comment all the time I have been there looking to see what creative ideas you have produced. All of you are so talented in so many different ways. This talent is appreciated back to the story my daughter had chocolate covered strawberries, dipped pretzel sticks, large chocolate and carmel marshmellows on a stick plus she decorated the containers used. Glass vases with ribbon, painted flower pots with large bows to hold the favors, pink buckets for prizes, her personal touches were everywhere. I must say she is her Mother's daughter and I was very proud.
The baby shower went so well even with the temperature in the high 80's no one melted especially the Mommy to be. The gifts there were extra special because there were so many handmade items. It was so nice to see the old fashion type of gift giving from the heart those handmade. Mommy was so touched by the love from each indiviual one created for her new little Brooklynn.
There I met some wonderful ladies who had created these gifts one in particular I wanted to share with you. Her name was Debbie the owner of
http://lovelydiapercakes.weebly.com/index.html her diaper cake was so beautiful I was anxious to know if she created others. Yes she had a web site and I went there to look. Wow she is so talented the choices were amazing and her prices reasonable. I liked the fact that she really wanted customer intake before making any diaper cake. Debbie creates for the customer I admire this since I try to make sure that I craft the same way.
I have included some pictures of the festive day hope you enjoy them I know I had a wonderful day.
Included two of my granddaughters with me couldn't resist they are just too cute.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

It's A Giveaway

In the mood for a Giveaway I know I am feeling the love to do one.
These past few weeks I have been so busy creating for customers, thinking of the future holidays to come, working my day job, tending to the house and busy outside in the yards that I want to remind you how much you are appreciated from me.
The only thing is that you have to make sure you follow the rules for entries. Lots of time I sincerely feel bad that someone did not put their information in the correct area so they could not be included in the random drawing. Please that makes me feel sad and usually I take the time to go email that person so they can have the chance to do it again.
The rules:
1. Must go to my website at http://www.ourcreativehands.com
sign up for our newsletter. If you already have that is one entry just comment you have. There is a coupon for 10% discount on first purchase when you do just for doing this you can have a coupon for future use. That is a plus right.
2. Follow my blog if you do just comment you do. Every comment is one entry so if you suggest me to a friend have them let me know that so you will get another entry.
3. Like me on Facebook if you are there already make sure and comment again for that entry.
After our facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/ourcreativehands reaches 900 fans the drawing will take place.
The prize I have chosen is Apple Betty who warms my heart and I know that she will warm yours also.
I wish you all the best of luck! You all make me want to continue to create, craft and enjoy what I do so I want to thank you.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Creating and Promoting

I can't believe its been over 3 weeks since I have blogged the time slips by so quickly. Not that I am not doing anything this definitely is not the case.
I constantly read from you how important it is to spread the word about your wares to sell. There are so many avenues today to accomplish this without knowing which is the best. We have Twitter, Facebook, Web sites, LinkedIn, Blogging and the old favorite of mine Word of Mouth. In order to accomplish this I have found that it must be done everyday. I wonder where I am going to fit in the creating part since I am a Customer Service Rep during the day hours too. Not to worry I tell myself the house can be a bit less perfect and the garden can wait until Sundays. So I have made a schedule for myself morning hours are working on projects for either the local store here in California that I sell to, the web site and any special orders received from family and friends. The early night hours are for promoting on the media I mentioned above and those late night hours when nobody else is awake is to sit and think of new ideas. These late hours are around 1-2am I am found thumbing through magazines, scouring the internet, looking at old photos of items I created years ago and a bit of dreaming. I do my best idea planning this late so peaceful and in the summer months you could find me out on our deck under the stars sitting on a rocker just thinking of what I could create or have Steve cut for me in wood the next day. He is so funny because I barely jump out of bed some mornings with all these ideas that he gives me an odd stare as to say"who are you". I really do overwhelm him sometimes with my ideas. But the good guy he is we discuss if the idea is possible and off he goes to make it a reality. No Steve wastes no time once we decide.
Well I am hoping that out of all my words today you to will come to a conclusion of what schedule works best for you. I know it is harder for you that are Moms with small children to tend to but when your creative juices are flowing and your passion for your ideas are flying out of your head you will find the time.
Make sure to promote even if it is quick note on one of your media choices we all love to show what we have made and better yet we love to see other creations.
Added a few pictures of my latest items you can find on the web site.