Friday, May 20, 2011

Creating Summer Desserts

It's Friday mid May and I don't know about your home area but here in California I am still hoping for more sun. I am not complaining nor wishing for 100 degree weather but I would like to go outside without long pants, two shirts and a sweater. I have so much yard work to tend to, want to bring out those summer cushions and plan on some barbaques without wondering if the rain will spoil our plans.
I just received an email today that made me yearn more for summertime it was from Betty Crocker receipes. I want to share this with you because they sound so yummy. I am making sure to put them in a safe place, I have a tendency to delete, so when summer plans are in the making I will be the first to offer a new dessert.
I have tried and tried to get the link to post to my blog page but it won't so after several attempts I am just going to let you know they are from Betty Crocker recipes called Happy Hour Desserts. They are absolutely yummy looking. Pina Colada Cupcakes,Mojito Bars, Strawberry Daquiri Cake, and Grasshopper Dessert Squares.

So sorry that the link would not appear on my blog page.
Hope you enjoy them.
Have a wonderful weekend be safe and enjoy whatever you have planned.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Stitching Memories

Stitch Your Memories
Today marks the second year that my Mom had passed away many of you that have read my blog in the past know how important she was to me and how much I miss her.
Marilyn, mom’s name was a strong woman who started her family very young she divorced and married later again to a wonderful man, Willie. He had passed away several years ago so as usual Mom picked herself up and continued living life to the fullest. She never passed a moment to do what she enjoyed whether it be gardening, checking out the thrift stores, creating, cooking, traveling or just spending time with friends.
A few of my brothers and sisters our Dad and his wife got together yesterday along with our children making it a special day to honor her life. We attended a Mass honoring her name then came back to my house for a pot luck barbecue. Not all of her children were with us since they lived out of state but the day was full of love. No sorrow only memories that brought tears of happiness. We took pictures the children played; we ate delicious food prepared by her granddaughters. As I stood back and looked at this family gathering I was reminded of what Mom had passed down to her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren the ability to rejoice in what was around them.
Our Mom was probably looking down at us yesterday with a big smile on her face knowing that yes she did leave her mark on this earth. This is something that I pray for that I too will be remembered with love not sorrow. I don’t want my children, grandchildren and hoping great grandchildren not to have tears of me away from them because I won’t be. I want to be STITCHED in their memories.
You all have stories that have been told to you passed down from generation to generation keep them going. Share with your family let them know where they came from, who they take after or what trait they have inherited these are important facts that all families should carry on.
Remember those old quilts from yesteryear that tell the story of family well now in the modern day times we may not have that but we can STITCH these memories in our hearts.
Lots of Love to you all.
I have shared some pictures hope you enjoy them.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day Question

What Did Your Mother Teach You

Today’s day is special to all women who either gave birth ,adopted or just took in a child in need and I just want to take the time to applaud you.

I was reading face book today catching up on all the news you all have to offer and stumbled onto a question about Mothers that appealed to me so I thought I would get your answers. How fun it will be to read back each answer getting even closer to you my readers. One word answers are fine if you aren’t the sharing type but seriously I would love reading what your Mother has taught you, did it change your life, was it something that was passed down from generations, do you find yourself doing something she always did, crafting, sewing, cooking, working in the garden or just something you so admired in her that you want to share.
My Mother gave me so many great traits but to choose one would be how she could create. Mom had 5 children basically in a row so she had to learn how to make do with what she had in order for us all to be well dressed and happy. She crocheted, knitted and sewed so the 3 girls always had clothes that were especially made for them. Mom taught us all how to work with our hands in the garden so that fresh vegetables were available for meals, and she could make powdered milk taste fantastic. She taught us to add a dash of this and a dash of that to create wonderful meals. My fondest memories remembered are when Mom belonged to each of our PTAs. We had the best school carnivals, class parties, and our house was decorated for every occasion. Even as we grew up we knew coming home to visit Mom her home would be decorated. I have taken this wonderful trait with me and every occasion my home is decorated I personally love Christmas so I literally take everything out of my house and transform it into Christmas as my Mom would do. Mom did like Halloween like Christmas so it was the scariest home ever all the children loved to go trick or treating at her house. Now that my Mom has passed on each time I decorate I look at my creation and think how special she made it for me and I just smile. My children comment that they hope to have my decorations when I go to Heaven I just remind them it is not going to be for a long time so start shopping but I am so pleased that this is something they want to continue like me and my Mom.

Happy Mother’s Day with much love …

I have included some pictures of my Mom please do the same