Sunday, April 1, 2012

Bunnies,Eggs,Carrots Spring Moments

I think that Spring is running a close second to my favorite time of the year. Everything is so fresh and full of color. Our yard blooms are abundant with orchids, daffodils,freshias,gerber daisys,and roses. We even had a few glads bloom already. Sweet aromas from all these flowers linger throughout the air calling me to Mother Nature. I know that I need to be inside the house doing some Spring Cleaning but I can't resist the smell of LIFE outside calling me.
I have been quite busy since Valentine's Day making bunnies, carrots, eggs and more bunnies. I used many types of mediums this time from old chenille blankets, burlap, jute unraveled, raffia painted green - I just had lots of fun experimenting with new things to create a finished product. I did have to rely on the sun alot though with our California weather we had more rain than I had hoped for in regards to drying in the Sun but on the other hand our yard loved the big drinks of refreshing cold water.
I made new friends on facebook in the past few weeks, had my first sale on Etsy, sold items off my web site and made sales from our facebook business page www.facebook.com/ourcreativehands

I am thinking I like the new format for face book -what do you all think? There is one thing though I can't favorite the pages any longer unless I am not finding that link. Is it just me? If you know how to do this please let me know.
April 1st today a beautiful Sunday that started with Sunday Mass along with my husband Steve. Palm Sunday is what we celebrate being Catholics the Mass always brings such Peace to me and having Steve there by my side even more so. Since his brain injury our understanding of prayer has only deepen making us more aware of how short time on earth is. I know we have always been grateful for blessings but now we really pay attention to LIFE that surrounds us.
I want to share pictures of the items we have been doing along with the glorious flowers I have been able to pick from the yard to bring into our home.
I want to thank all you for reading my blog following my adventures of life as a crafter and most of all sharing your adventures too.
Have a wonderful Easter with Peace and Happiness filling your heart.
Sincerely with lots of love Rachel