Friday, April 4, 2014


It has been a while since I written a blog- where do I start. The winter months are behind me now here in California the Spring time came early. First on my list was to purge the clutter from my craft room I actually don't craft in this room here I put my finished wares. The room was not organized least not how it should have been to display what was created and what needed to be finished. Here I enlisted the help of my dear friend Janet. Janet has an eye for decorating, arranging or just making a fresh look. We cleared out the closets, drawers and anything that was not something for sale. That itself was a big accomplishment. Moved furniture around making room for larger items I had. While we were doing this we also tackled the office slash sewing room. Setting up shelves for my collection of fabrics was just what the room needed. I have two separate tubs for the patterns, places for emblishments and the sewing machine fits perfect ontop a wood card table. I do share the sewing room with my office wanting to keep each separate from each other was a bit of a chore but it was accomplished. I have this window that now I can look out of when I sew or if I am working. What could be better - I get to view my beautiful patio sight. Now that I have created this space of clutter free I am able to enjoy the gift of creating. This is also a time to reorganize my thoughts of advertising or lets say -getting the word out about who I am and what I sell. This seems to be my biggest challenge. I do have a business page on Facebook along with a Twitter account which is rcreativehands. I have joined LinkIn and several other community business pages. I am just not seeing the traffic generated. I love the word of mouth concept I dearly believe this is the best adverstiment but just can rely on friends and family all the time to make purchases. I would deeply appreciate any comments to increase my traffic flow to our web site and face book business page. The other day I read an articel in regards to using hashtags in The Costco Connection readers for customers with the knowledge of how important hashtags have become but still no clue how to do or include them. I did a google search for a better understanding on the concept only to find -yes they are a great marketing tool- but no answers how to incorporate them in my postings. So again I would appreciate all feedback and comments. To finish up Spring Cleaning comes with clearing out the Soul. Alleluia He is Risen! My faith brings me closer to God during this time of Lent. I feel the surge of energy knowing that all can be erased and start anew no matter what we are going through in our life. Shaking out the rugs you see the particles that are trapped inside fall to the floor to be swept away thus is the same in our minds and hearts. Shake out the old feelings of life and move on! Be productive, share your love, be understanding, be all so thankful! I know I am so blessed and so very thankful each and everyday. I hope that you have a wonderful Easter - Blessing to you and your families. Sincerely Rachel