Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas

I wanted to take this time and Wish each and everyone a Merry Christmas.
I can't believe that I have not been blogging for almost 2 months where did the year, the months or the time go.
Well I can't wait to share all the new pictures with you from the past few exciting months with family.
Lots of crafting was buzzing here and I really finished up at the beginning of this week unbeliveable to me.
I am going to be baking today before the family arrives for our Christmas Eve get together.
I am thankful for all the blessing we have had throughout this year and it would not be possible without the love of God and you all my followers, friends and family.
Again Merry Christmas to you and your family... lots of love Rachel

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pumpkins- Edible or Not We Love Pumpkins

October is fast upon leaving us can you believe it just over a week it is Halloween. I have you made your way to the Pumpkin Patch or decided to have the gorgeous plastic pumpkin found at Michaels Craft Store. I have pumpkins everywhere just love the orange color. I started decorating on Labor Day weekend since I really don't care for scarey Halloween I have inviting Fall decor. Pumpkins are small, big and huge. Plastic, wood, tin, fabric and stitched it doesn't matter they all have a home here in my house and yard. I don't know which I like better oh yes I do the edible type. Today I ventured into our local Starbuck Coffee shop trying their new Pumpkin Spice Latte it was so YUMMY. I know every week I will be treating myself to a tall drink to warm my bones. My husband just does not know what he is missing drinking his instant Folgers with creamora along with 1 bag of sweet and low. Boring I tell him but no changing his mind not even one sip will he take of my fabulous tasting coffee.
I receive Betty Crocker emails for receipes every day I love them sometimes I stumble upon a fantastic tip or receipe to share today it was for roasting pumpkin seeds. What a great time to share this with you since Pumpkin carving is just around the corner.
Here is the link
Betty Crocker-How to Roast Pumpkin Seeds
Please remember to scroll down for the comment area there were a few additional ideas to make the seeds taste even better.
Have a great Halloween enjoy making those costumes, carving the pumpkins and trick or treating with those you love.
I know I am looking forward to having family and friends over on Halloween night for Chili and Hot dogs with all the fixings. Desserts before we are off with all the grandchildren to show off their cute little costumes hoping for lots of candy.
This picture is 2010. Every year I am fortunate to have all the grandchildren have dinner with us then I go out in the neighborhood to trick or treat with them. I truly love this tradition ....

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Groups that help Promote Your Craft Business

Every day it gets closer to the holiday season most seasoned crafters are well ahead of the game. Their Christmas products are finished ready to put up on their web sites, facebook page or take to local craft shows these are the ones that I admire with a bit of envy but with a gentle bit of green showing. I know that Spring time I should be gathering my patterns checking out new ones and buying fabric but I get distracted by the beautiful outdoors with planting beckoning my name. I have a hard time staying indoors while I see the birds playing in the several birdbaths I have outside in our yard. Its like they want me to go outside smell the beautiful fresh air to search for my bulbs that I starting to peek up from the ground. I have made myself a promise to make a sign nothing fancy but big enough in my sewing room to remind me to start Holiday sewing.
Now this takes me to the title of my blog today I said I admire those that are prepared for the holiday season I see them on their blog pages. Oh those beautiful new products they have created. These wonderful ladies also share ideas how to make your crafting easier. Here is one site you must join TheHive
You join for free with many groups to chose from. I can't stress how wonderful this site is. I have met in cyberspace of course some of the nicest people. Here I learned how to add Pinterest button to my blog site. I asked the question on the board in a matter of days one of those special kind ladies was there to show me and others how. Her site is Sweetly Scrapped

I wanted to make sure you all go over to her facebook site let her know I sent you because she is wonderful. Her products are great too.
So today I am sharing a fantastic site for you all to join that will help you in many ways if its crafting for a business or just for you this site will be something you will need to add to your favorites.
Have a happy creating week - Stop by and visit me too at Our Creative Hands

just added more products for fall- the Christmas craft preview items are on our facebook fan page Our Creative Hands

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Problems with Blogspot

Hi my dear friends I have been having an error problem with posting comments... I want you all to know that I do read the comments appreciating each and every one of them.
I have contacted blogspot -Google about this problem for future use.
The holidays are upon us wanting to make sure that you are able to reach me if any questions my email is rachel@ourcreativehands.com  until this issue gets fixed please bear with me.
I always try to check into each of you my followers to see what you are up to I enjoy all the wonderful
blogs thank you for sharing....

Monday, September 26, 2011

Recycled Jeans handmade into Lap size Quilt

Recycled Jeans have been my all time favorite from bags, vests, doll making accessories and quilts. I have found using old jeans are the perfect medium for quilt making.
My husband used to travel allot for his business complaining always about the hotel blankets since he lived in so many hotels he knew not to use the top blanket so he would always bring his own pillow but have to suffer with no blanket. He has worn Levi jeans forever nothing ever could take their place I tried Wranglers once oops they went right back to the store. Levi 501's he has probably been wearing them since Levi's was cool...Well I noticed that allot of them the knees were gone, or paint was spilled even had a few with holes idea struck me to cut them up for a quilt just for Steve. He would have his own blanket to take to the job site hotels and since it was made from Levi jeans well he would not mind this at all. I made a queen size quilt for him put a thin batting and a flannel plaid backing. Steve was thrilled and took this with him always. He only had one problem now was to make sure that it was the first thing he packed for his return home. All was good for us both.
Steve being the wonderful husband he is, always brags about my creations but the Levi quilt was his favorite. He would tell everyone about his quilt that I made from his old Levi jeans soon friends were asking me if I wanted their jeans which was a no brainer since I knew I would make something from them. I received so many from a dear married couple that were just starting to have grandchildren enrich their lives so I offered to make the babies jean quilts that were from Grandma and Grandpa. I loved making them took about 5 complete jeans I cut them up making sure the width was at least 7" no matter how long I cut them. I wanted the width to always stay at least 7" this made the quilt easier to make larger squares for me to deal with. Since the quilt was for a small child he just turned one a lap quilt size was perfect you have to remember how heavy jeans are no matter what style of jeans you use so keeping the size down makes it easier to store or travel with. I must tell you the jean material is so fantastic sand from the beach does not stick on it, grass brushes right off making sure you use a cotton backing all you do is shake and fold. Great quilt for the desert! 
I finished up another Grandbabie quilt this weekend using the perfect boy cotton fabric backing, a thin layer of batting in between for a bit of cushion, cut a pocket from each Grandma and Grandpa's pant to add, stitched his name the finished tieing off with  dark blue embroidery thread to match.
This past Saturday we headed off  to the birthday party with wrapped quilt in hand the crowd loved it and I felt the parents appreciation with my labor of love yet of course knowing this was made from the baby's grandparents jeans.
Don't get rid of the old jeans any longer no matter what type they are RECYCLE them.
I have enclosed some pictures of the newest quilt .

The day of the party I found out a new grandson just arrived before we left I asked Grandma and Grandpa to start saving their Levis again for the newest addition. I have made 3 quilts so far for this family.

Just a little side note that some of you may not know
Levi company will replace any of their jean product for manufacture defects. If you find a hole starting in the pocket area, wearing away of the material by the belt loops etc defects they will replace for the same style and size by calling 800-872-5384.
This is not a gimmick I have had several pairs of Steve's Levi jeans replaced throughout the last 8 years.
They send them back if they are not defected so holes in the knees don't count etc. I have sent back Levi shorts, Levi pants and women's Levi pants getting back brand new replacements after 6 weeks. You do pay the postage to ship them to the company but it is so worth it since Levi 501's cost 42.00.
Pin It

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Crafty Fall Items

It is already September - I have been so busy creating Fall and Halloween products. I love the aroma of cinnamon and vanilla mixed with coffee the finishing touches to the ornies, dolls and other items that I have completed. Just this makes me know that fall is in the air. Chilly nights again hurray since I do live in California we don't get that brisk change of the season colors- I have to create the ambiance myself. I decorated today that means everything that was americana for the 4th of July months gets packed away the colors of fall come out. The linens, towels, dishes, pillows, rugs everything changes in our house. My husband watches as I lug up from the bottom garage tote after tote of decorations. Sometimes he offers to help but I think he would rather let me do it by myself hoping the decorating occassion will cease to a miminal amount. No he is out of luck I love to go all out! Everything changes.. Right now pumpkins are lining the front door with scarecrows along with signs of my own and others that I have purchased the entry hall leads off with corn and gourds, old dolls that I have collected along with floral arrangements. Next the living room, kitchen and yes the bathroom are all decorated too. I don't really like Halloween too much so I hold the few items of scary Halloween week only- I do have a few scary items but its not what my little grandchildren like neither so they are happy that Nana doesn't have all the scary sounds and sights in her house. The backyard,front and side yards are all decorated with artifical flowers of fall(saves on the water bill) along with scarecrows and wooden birdhouses that my husband made for me. (And he says he doesn't like me to decorate you would never know since alot of the wood items I have he makes...LOL) I have the newest items up on my facebook fan page they will soon be on the web site but you can order directly from facebook if you want them now. I have a few more products that I am working on to finish up the Fall /Halloween pages on the web site those will be done this week coming up. A preview will be posted on the fan page first. I love comments so if you have any suggetions or requests just let me know. To end for today I have included a link that will really get your palate ready for Fall its Betty Crocker delicious desserts just for those cold evenings..

I hope you enjoy them. I am looking forward to visiting your blogs to see what the Holiday season has in store for you. Lots of love Rachel

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Holidays are Around the Corner Are You Ready

Wow I was looking at my last blog I am running behind my goal to blog every Sunday not because I don't have anything to say or show you only life has overwhelmed me here at home. Since November 2010 my husband has become disabled a ruptured brain aneursym put in him the hospital for about 3 weeks between the surgery and going to rest home to recover after this it was another 8 weeks of everyday therapy 9-5 with weekends off. I am afraid to leave him alone I know that this is ridiculous but if you know me you are aware that I am a bit of a worrier. Steve, my husband, is unable to return to work which I know is a bit stressful for him but now its my turn to take care of him. We married when I was barely 20 since this Steve has taken the best care of me and my daughter that I brought to the marriage he had a daughter and then after 3 years we had a daughter so 34 years later 3 daughters and 7 grandchildren-awesome.
I have been working for a company called Working Solutions, based in Plano, TX this is a work at home business I love it surely I have mentioned this before it works out perfect for us keeping me at home to help watch over him and earn money so that we can continue to pay our mortgage.
Steve is getting better each day all the prayers from family and friends and support to help him has been fantastic I am constantly thanking everyone on facebook, letters yes I still use snail mail and telephone calls.
Work has been keeping me quite busy not those wee late hours where you can find me sewing not only for myself and the web site but for others now. I have taken on a few customers that wanted me to sew for them for their products. I love the fact they have trusted me enough to sew their products and it allows me to still be creative, something that I have to do to maintain stress level at even keel.
I ventured into an old favorite again crocheting and knitting I found that at night I was unable to run my sewing machine the sewing room is too close to our bedroom with my trusted old sewing machine it makes a bit of a noise that does interfere with Steve's sleeping hence quietly crocheting and knitting. I have had a lot of fun making cocoons, hats, blankets for friends, family and been selling a few items too. I know that everyone is used to me creating with wood and fabric this is new to those that are viewing my fan page so I am sure the sales will increase with time. The items have been listed on my web page once I felt confident to continue making them you can find all new different items under tab Crafter's Corner. Catchy little phrase that my web designer came up for me since everything else was wood and fabric she decided I should include everything I make not that she is bias or anything...LOL
The rest of the days have been clearing out the clutter that I have accumulated thinking we would have our married daughter and her family move back in with us for a bit realizing it was way too much stress on each of us we decided I would work more it was a mutual agreement now I have cleaned out all the rooms Hurray- clutter is gone onward and forward.
Gave away of lot of items to the family members one big yard sale at the end of September all is Good. :-)
I have lots of new items that I want to show and a few how to's my goal for next week is to get back on schedule Sunday blogging again.
I have continued reading all your blogs though learned a lot of great tips made new friends so least that did not go by the wayside.
Well now that I have written a partial book here I am ending my blog today.
Here is something I did finish up on a pillow for a dear friend
receive Miracles in the present moment
Lots of love to you all

Monday, June 27, 2011

What I have learned from Blogging

The summer has inched itself right into our lives the days longer weather hotter I love it. I am ready for a bit of sunshine lasting more than a few hours in the day. I work the mid afternoon shift so in early morning time I get to go outdoors to water, garden, paint all the fun things before I am sitting at my desk for 5 hours straight.
This weekend I went to a baby shower for my daughter's dear friend. I was quite impressed to find how much my daughter has learned from the blog inserts I have sent her. I read your blogs even though I may not comment all the time I have been there looking to see what creative ideas you have produced. All of you are so talented in so many different ways. This talent is appreciated back to the story my daughter had chocolate covered strawberries, dipped pretzel sticks, large chocolate and carmel marshmellows on a stick plus she decorated the containers used. Glass vases with ribbon, painted flower pots with large bows to hold the favors, pink buckets for prizes, her personal touches were everywhere. I must say she is her Mother's daughter and I was very proud.
The baby shower went so well even with the temperature in the high 80's no one melted especially the Mommy to be. The gifts there were extra special because there were so many handmade items. It was so nice to see the old fashion type of gift giving from the heart those handmade. Mommy was so touched by the love from each indiviual one created for her new little Brooklynn.
There I met some wonderful ladies who had created these gifts one in particular I wanted to share with you. Her name was Debbie the owner of
http://lovelydiapercakes.weebly.com/index.html her diaper cake was so beautiful I was anxious to know if she created others. Yes she had a web site and I went there to look. Wow she is so talented the choices were amazing and her prices reasonable. I liked the fact that she really wanted customer intake before making any diaper cake. Debbie creates for the customer I admire this since I try to make sure that I craft the same way.
I have included some pictures of the festive day hope you enjoy them I know I had a wonderful day.
Included two of my granddaughters with me couldn't resist they are just too cute.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

It's A Giveaway

In the mood for a Giveaway I know I am feeling the love to do one.
These past few weeks I have been so busy creating for customers, thinking of the future holidays to come, working my day job, tending to the house and busy outside in the yards that I want to remind you how much you are appreciated from me.
The only thing is that you have to make sure you follow the rules for entries. Lots of time I sincerely feel bad that someone did not put their information in the correct area so they could not be included in the random drawing. Please that makes me feel sad and usually I take the time to go email that person so they can have the chance to do it again.
The rules:
1. Must go to my website at http://www.ourcreativehands.com
sign up for our newsletter. If you already have that is one entry just comment you have. There is a coupon for 10% discount on first purchase when you do just for doing this you can have a coupon for future use. That is a plus right.
2. Follow my blog if you do just comment you do. Every comment is one entry so if you suggest me to a friend have them let me know that so you will get another entry.
3. Like me on Facebook if you are there already make sure and comment again for that entry.
After our facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/ourcreativehands reaches 900 fans the drawing will take place.
The prize I have chosen is Apple Betty who warms my heart and I know that she will warm yours also.
I wish you all the best of luck! You all make me want to continue to create, craft and enjoy what I do so I want to thank you.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Creating and Promoting

I can't believe its been over 3 weeks since I have blogged the time slips by so quickly. Not that I am not doing anything this definitely is not the case.
I constantly read from you how important it is to spread the word about your wares to sell. There are so many avenues today to accomplish this without knowing which is the best. We have Twitter, Facebook, Web sites, LinkedIn, Blogging and the old favorite of mine Word of Mouth. In order to accomplish this I have found that it must be done everyday. I wonder where I am going to fit in the creating part since I am a Customer Service Rep during the day hours too. Not to worry I tell myself the house can be a bit less perfect and the garden can wait until Sundays. So I have made a schedule for myself morning hours are working on projects for either the local store here in California that I sell to, the web site and any special orders received from family and friends. The early night hours are for promoting on the media I mentioned above and those late night hours when nobody else is awake is to sit and think of new ideas. These late hours are around 1-2am I am found thumbing through magazines, scouring the internet, looking at old photos of items I created years ago and a bit of dreaming. I do my best idea planning this late so peaceful and in the summer months you could find me out on our deck under the stars sitting on a rocker just thinking of what I could create or have Steve cut for me in wood the next day. He is so funny because I barely jump out of bed some mornings with all these ideas that he gives me an odd stare as to say"who are you". I really do overwhelm him sometimes with my ideas. But the good guy he is we discuss if the idea is possible and off he goes to make it a reality. No Steve wastes no time once we decide.
Well I am hoping that out of all my words today you to will come to a conclusion of what schedule works best for you. I know it is harder for you that are Moms with small children to tend to but when your creative juices are flowing and your passion for your ideas are flying out of your head you will find the time.
Make sure to promote even if it is quick note on one of your media choices we all love to show what we have made and better yet we love to see other creations.
Added a few pictures of my latest items you can find on the web site.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Creating Summer Desserts

It's Friday mid May and I don't know about your home area but here in California I am still hoping for more sun. I am not complaining nor wishing for 100 degree weather but I would like to go outside without long pants, two shirts and a sweater. I have so much yard work to tend to, want to bring out those summer cushions and plan on some barbaques without wondering if the rain will spoil our plans.
I just received an email today that made me yearn more for summertime it was from Betty Crocker receipes. I want to share this with you because they sound so yummy. I am making sure to put them in a safe place, I have a tendency to delete, so when summer plans are in the making I will be the first to offer a new dessert.
I have tried and tried to get the link to post to my blog page but it won't so after several attempts I am just going to let you know they are from Betty Crocker recipes called Happy Hour Desserts. They are absolutely yummy looking. Pina Colada Cupcakes,Mojito Bars, Strawberry Daquiri Cake, and Grasshopper Dessert Squares.

So sorry that the link would not appear on my blog page.
Hope you enjoy them.
Have a wonderful weekend be safe and enjoy whatever you have planned.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Stitching Memories

Stitch Your Memories
Today marks the second year that my Mom had passed away many of you that have read my blog in the past know how important she was to me and how much I miss her.
Marilyn, mom’s name was a strong woman who started her family very young she divorced and married later again to a wonderful man, Willie. He had passed away several years ago so as usual Mom picked herself up and continued living life to the fullest. She never passed a moment to do what she enjoyed whether it be gardening, checking out the thrift stores, creating, cooking, traveling or just spending time with friends.
A few of my brothers and sisters our Dad and his wife got together yesterday along with our children making it a special day to honor her life. We attended a Mass honoring her name then came back to my house for a pot luck barbecue. Not all of her children were with us since they lived out of state but the day was full of love. No sorrow only memories that brought tears of happiness. We took pictures the children played; we ate delicious food prepared by her granddaughters. As I stood back and looked at this family gathering I was reminded of what Mom had passed down to her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren the ability to rejoice in what was around them.
Our Mom was probably looking down at us yesterday with a big smile on her face knowing that yes she did leave her mark on this earth. This is something that I pray for that I too will be remembered with love not sorrow. I don’t want my children, grandchildren and hoping great grandchildren not to have tears of me away from them because I won’t be. I want to be STITCHED in their memories.
You all have stories that have been told to you passed down from generation to generation keep them going. Share with your family let them know where they came from, who they take after or what trait they have inherited these are important facts that all families should carry on.
Remember those old quilts from yesteryear that tell the story of family well now in the modern day times we may not have that but we can STITCH these memories in our hearts.
Lots of Love to you all.
I have shared some pictures hope you enjoy them.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day Question

What Did Your Mother Teach You

Today’s day is special to all women who either gave birth ,adopted or just took in a child in need and I just want to take the time to applaud you.

I was reading face book today catching up on all the news you all have to offer and stumbled onto a question about Mothers that appealed to me so I thought I would get your answers. How fun it will be to read back each answer getting even closer to you my readers. One word answers are fine if you aren’t the sharing type but seriously I would love reading what your Mother has taught you, did it change your life, was it something that was passed down from generations, do you find yourself doing something she always did, crafting, sewing, cooking, working in the garden or just something you so admired in her that you want to share.
My Mother gave me so many great traits but to choose one would be how she could create. Mom had 5 children basically in a row so she had to learn how to make do with what she had in order for us all to be well dressed and happy. She crocheted, knitted and sewed so the 3 girls always had clothes that were especially made for them. Mom taught us all how to work with our hands in the garden so that fresh vegetables were available for meals, and she could make powdered milk taste fantastic. She taught us to add a dash of this and a dash of that to create wonderful meals. My fondest memories remembered are when Mom belonged to each of our PTAs. We had the best school carnivals, class parties, and our house was decorated for every occasion. Even as we grew up we knew coming home to visit Mom her home would be decorated. I have taken this wonderful trait with me and every occasion my home is decorated I personally love Christmas so I literally take everything out of my house and transform it into Christmas as my Mom would do. Mom did like Halloween like Christmas so it was the scariest home ever all the children loved to go trick or treating at her house. Now that my Mom has passed on each time I decorate I look at my creation and think how special she made it for me and I just smile. My children comment that they hope to have my decorations when I go to Heaven I just remind them it is not going to be for a long time so start shopping but I am so pleased that this is something they want to continue like me and my Mom.

Happy Mother’s Day with much love …

I have included some pictures of my Mom please do the same

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Recycled Bags

You all know by reading my blog that I am very aware of recycling whenever possible nothing goes to the trash without my second opinion. I use my husband's old levi's for purses, blankets,pillows etc. I have saved all my grandchildren's clothes that I could get from their moms to make them quilts. Buttons I have so many buttons I could open up my own store something old always has a special place in my heart. I can come up with some idea to use it later down the road. Steve will constantly find something I stashed in his garage for a later project. Gives me the look and knows he won't get me to part with it so don't even try. I can't wait to work on two old wooden lazy susans I rescued from the street on trash day. The neighbors now let me know when something is going out to the trash in case I have ideas for it. I could go on forever with objects in my yard that have been rescued for different projects this will be for another day. Today I wanted to share this great idea I found on Martha Stewarts craft site. I subscribe to her emails once in awhile something really intrigues me and today this is what I found. It is a tee shirt turned into a recycle grocery bag...I love it got plenty of hubby's shirts that will do the trick for this project. Here is her instructions -Enjoy

Turning an old T-shirt into a reusable shopping or grocery bag is a simple, clever craft to help everyone be "green." It's a Good Thing that will help protect the environment.

Tools and Materials
Heavy-weight cotton T-shirt
Sewing machine
Medium-size bowl
Water-erasable marking pen

T-Shirt Bag How-To
1. Turn T-shirt inside out and pin bottom of the T-shirt along the hem. Using a sewing machine, sew bottom of T-shirt closed. Flip shirt right side out and lay flat on table, making sure all seams are lined up.

2. Place medium-size bowl about half-way over the neck hole. Using a water-erasable marking pen, trace along the edge of the bowl. Cut along the outline, making sure to go through the front and back sides of the shirt, in order to create an opening for the bag that's larger than what the neck hole allows.

3. Line up the hems on the front and back side of the sleeve and cut, making sure to go through both sides of the shirt. Repeat on the other sleeve. Tip: A jersey shirt would also work well for this craft, as it is already sleeveless, and it's made of a great mesh material.

Water-erasable marking pens can be purchased at most fabric stores for about $5. To purchase an already-made t-shirt bag, visit greenteebag.com

Read more at Marthastewart.com: Good Thing: T-Shirt Bag - Martha Stewart Crafts

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Life is Good

I am hoping that each and everyone had a wonderful Easter Day filled with good food, loving family and joy in your heart.
Today my husband Steve and I started our day with an early Mass as usual it opens my eyes..50 days of feasting is now the calendar event which is something I never knew or if I did I forgot. It is going to be my goal to make sure that I bring happiness in everything I do. The housework,yard work, sewing, even walking out to the mailbox I will have a smile on my face.My husband had a ruptured brain aneursym November 15,2010 it was a very difficult time for our family I never stopped believing everyday I would be by his side with a positive attitude this way Steve saw me with a smile. I believe with all the prayers that were said and the positive attitude which came from my belief of God Steve is alive. Today as we sat in church holding hands the positive energy of God was with us and we both know he will continue to walk with us. Steve is doing better each day his short term memory is getting better and physically he is great.I have my moments of tears that I keep only to myself when its very late and Steve is sleeping more from joy of his life with me than remembering the fear of my life without him. Today is my wish for you all is to Have a Happy Easter! Enjoy your life with those around you keep them dear, have peace in your heart with those that try your patience and for the next 50 days Feast in Life!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Versatile Blogger Award

Wednesday, April 20, 2011The Versatile Blogger Award
We were just given The Versatile Blogger Award! I'll take it! :)

Thank you Ashlee from Little Izzy Blog for presenting me with this award.
I really appreciate it! :) If you haven't already, you should stop by her
blog and follow her. She's got some awesome ideas!

The rules after excepting this award:
Thank the person who awarded you.
Divulge 7 things about yourself.
Award 15 discovered bloggers.
7 Things About Me:
1.I have oatmeal every morning.
2.I am thankful for waking up next to a wonderful thoughtful man, my husband.
3.I am an independent contractor that works from home hurray for this!!!
4.I am a native California girl.
5.I have 3 beautiful grown daughters and 7 super cute grandchildren that are dreams come true.
6.I understand and write fluent spanish don't practice enough to speak it.
7.I love music all types, jazz,spanish,opera,country anything that reminds me to open my eyes and grasp life with both arms.
Now for the part that is so difficult for me. 15 blogs that I need to choose.
If you did not make this list, please know that I still think you are the best!

And The Versatile Blogger Award goes to..................
1.My Colorful Treasures

2.Belly Charms

3.This N That Boutique

4.Brya's Baskets

5.Style 'N Decor Deals

6.Wynnie Bee

7.His Perfect Promises

8.A Taste of T

9.A Hootie Hoot

10.Susie QT Pies

11.Freckleberry Finds

12.Creative Itch

13.AtoZ Celebrations

14.Serendipity Chic Design

15.Capers of the Vintage Vixens

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Crafting,Working,Gardening,Promoting and Everything Above

Sunday afternoon the weeks do flew by. I have been busy with my daughter crocheting and woodworking. I wanted to get some children items done. I have 7 "sweet grandblessings" I borrowed this from a fellow blogger who are always wanting Nana to make something for them. Bow holders,Teacher gifts,and minky bunnies dressed in pajamas the granddaughters are happy little ones now. They love to create with me one granddaughter chose all the button colors for the bow holders thank goodness for her great eyes she pointed out to me that dark blue is not black thread. I loved that moment. This one has an eye for colors she loves to draw so for her Mother's Day present she made a drawing and I am going to copy it to pillowcases and stitch.
Crafting Mother's Day is just around the corner my dear Mother went to heaven in 2009 a week after Mother's Day so in her honor I request a mass at our church then invite brothers and sisters over for a potluck. We should be together on this day to toast Mom. Good food, memories,lots of laughter and a few tears complete the day.
Trying to think what I would like to make special for our web site for this occasion it may just be something here that I could share with you all.
The site that my daughter and I teamed up to sell is
Two Generation Designs we would love for you to come by and visit. The items will get listed on both my web site and the etsy shop soon but until then anything you like or would like to order just send an email to rachel@ourcreativehands.com
Working The work I do from my home is customer service for a wonderful company called Working Solutions. I have been an independent contractor for this company over 9 years I love it. If you are considering working from home please check out this site.
Gardening my next passion after crafting has fallen to the wayside a bit only because of the weather. Its been a bit cold for me to get my hands in the dirt. I have shared pictures of the flowers and my yard which have been tending to theirselves lately. Not for long I have some veggie seeds calling my name to plant.
Promoting oh my goodness you will find me late in the evening checking emails, sending product pictures to my web designer Lisa
My Colorful Web Design of who I must recommend she was a God send to me and our business, blog hopping,facebook reading, and looking for new patterns to make..I sometimes don't even realize its past 2 am and still awake. It is the blogs that you all have created that keep me so intrigued again I want to thank each of you for the fascinating blogs.
Everything Above- Who has any time left ME! I want to put every last minute I can into making others happy, making my life with meaning and making my house a loving home.
Remember to visit our web site Our Creative Hands
for your prmiitive, country and whimsical product designs with wood and fabric

Friday, April 15, 2011

Bunny Giveaway Winner

The lucky winner is "Take it From Me Girls" Kristen and Jamie the bunny that had the most votes was Priscilla-- Okay ladies contact me with your address to send her your way..Congrats and thank you everyone for helping me reach my goal. Another giveaway soon for 1000 facebook fans...♥Rachel

Bunny Giveaway

Good afternoon bloggers its another giveaway by a fellow blogger check out her blog page so Cute at Susies QT Pies Have a great Friday its the start of a glorious weekend♥