Sunday, August 7, 2011

Holidays are Around the Corner Are You Ready

Wow I was looking at my last blog I am running behind my goal to blog every Sunday not because I don't have anything to say or show you only life has overwhelmed me here at home. Since November 2010 my husband has become disabled a ruptured brain aneursym put in him the hospital for about 3 weeks between the surgery and going to rest home to recover after this it was another 8 weeks of everyday therapy 9-5 with weekends off. I am afraid to leave him alone I know that this is ridiculous but if you know me you are aware that I am a bit of a worrier. Steve, my husband, is unable to return to work which I know is a bit stressful for him but now its my turn to take care of him. We married when I was barely 20 since this Steve has taken the best care of me and my daughter that I brought to the marriage he had a daughter and then after 3 years we had a daughter so 34 years later 3 daughters and 7 grandchildren-awesome.
I have been working for a company called Working Solutions, based in Plano, TX this is a work at home business I love it surely I have mentioned this before it works out perfect for us keeping me at home to help watch over him and earn money so that we can continue to pay our mortgage.
Steve is getting better each day all the prayers from family and friends and support to help him has been fantastic I am constantly thanking everyone on facebook, letters yes I still use snail mail and telephone calls.
Work has been keeping me quite busy not those wee late hours where you can find me sewing not only for myself and the web site but for others now. I have taken on a few customers that wanted me to sew for them for their products. I love the fact they have trusted me enough to sew their products and it allows me to still be creative, something that I have to do to maintain stress level at even keel.
I ventured into an old favorite again crocheting and knitting I found that at night I was unable to run my sewing machine the sewing room is too close to our bedroom with my trusted old sewing machine it makes a bit of a noise that does interfere with Steve's sleeping hence quietly crocheting and knitting. I have had a lot of fun making cocoons, hats, blankets for friends, family and been selling a few items too. I know that everyone is used to me creating with wood and fabric this is new to those that are viewing my fan page so I am sure the sales will increase with time. The items have been listed on my web page once I felt confident to continue making them you can find all new different items under tab Crafter's Corner. Catchy little phrase that my web designer came up for me since everything else was wood and fabric she decided I should include everything I make not that she is bias or anything...LOL
The rest of the days have been clearing out the clutter that I have accumulated thinking we would have our married daughter and her family move back in with us for a bit realizing it was way too much stress on each of us we decided I would work more it was a mutual agreement now I have cleaned out all the rooms Hurray- clutter is gone onward and forward.
Gave away of lot of items to the family members one big yard sale at the end of September all is Good. :-)
I have lots of new items that I want to show and a few how to's my goal for next week is to get back on schedule Sunday blogging again.
I have continued reading all your blogs though learned a lot of great tips made new friends so least that did not go by the wayside.
Well now that I have written a partial book here I am ending my blog today.
Here is something I did finish up on a pillow for a dear friend
receive Miracles in the present moment
Lots of love to you all