Friday, April 4, 2014


It has been a while since I written a blog- where do I start. The winter months are behind me now here in California the Spring time came early. First on my list was to purge the clutter from my craft room I actually don't craft in this room here I put my finished wares. The room was not organized least not how it should have been to display what was created and what needed to be finished. Here I enlisted the help of my dear friend Janet. Janet has an eye for decorating, arranging or just making a fresh look. We cleared out the closets, drawers and anything that was not something for sale. That itself was a big accomplishment. Moved furniture around making room for larger items I had. While we were doing this we also tackled the office slash sewing room. Setting up shelves for my collection of fabrics was just what the room needed. I have two separate tubs for the patterns, places for emblishments and the sewing machine fits perfect ontop a wood card table. I do share the sewing room with my office wanting to keep each separate from each other was a bit of a chore but it was accomplished. I have this window that now I can look out of when I sew or if I am working. What could be better - I get to view my beautiful patio sight. Now that I have created this space of clutter free I am able to enjoy the gift of creating. This is also a time to reorganize my thoughts of advertising or lets say -getting the word out about who I am and what I sell. This seems to be my biggest challenge. I do have a business page on Facebook along with a Twitter account which is rcreativehands. I have joined LinkIn and several other community business pages. I am just not seeing the traffic generated. I love the word of mouth concept I dearly believe this is the best adverstiment but just can rely on friends and family all the time to make purchases. I would deeply appreciate any comments to increase my traffic flow to our web site and face book business page. The other day I read an articel in regards to using hashtags in The Costco Connection readers for customers with the knowledge of how important hashtags have become but still no clue how to do or include them. I did a google search for a better understanding on the concept only to find -yes they are a great marketing tool- but no answers how to incorporate them in my postings. So again I would appreciate all feedback and comments. To finish up Spring Cleaning comes with clearing out the Soul. Alleluia He is Risen! My faith brings me closer to God during this time of Lent. I feel the surge of energy knowing that all can be erased and start anew no matter what we are going through in our life. Shaking out the rugs you see the particles that are trapped inside fall to the floor to be swept away thus is the same in our minds and hearts. Shake out the old feelings of life and move on! Be productive, share your love, be understanding, be all so thankful! I know I am so blessed and so very thankful each and everyday. I hope that you have a wonderful Easter - Blessing to you and your families. Sincerely Rachel

Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Year 2013

This year 2013 has had many ups and downs. I feel blessed in many ways yet sometimes wonder how strong of a person I really am. The beginning of this year I lost my dear sweet Mother in Law Dorothy. She had lived with us off and on for many years. This time she was going to be here for good since her oldest son had died in May of 2012. We changed our home making sure that we were prepared for her long stay with us. Handicap bars in the bathrooms installed even in the showers this way she continue her independence. We installed safety bars down the hallway incase she needed them as she would travel from her bedroom late at night into the other rooms. A night light that gave her reassurance of her surroundings. Our family was happy and enjoyed Grandma being at our dinner table sharing her stories of life. Her great grandchildren were able to know who Dorothy was and how she lived her life. My husband was happy to have his Mother home with us. This all changed in November of 2012 she suffered a major stroke spending the rest of her days in a rest home until January of this year when she went to the Lords home. Steve visited her every day me at least 3 times a week. She could not talk, eat nor did Dorothy really ever know who was with her. I do know though that she did not suffer. January 11, 2013 we lost a wonderful woman. Life was sad and tough during the next few months missing Dorothy grieving over the loss of Steve's brother from May 2012 but we were enduring. We continued our life making sure that we were surrounding ourselves with family and friends. Our craft business was growing and it got easier to go into Dorothy's room with shedding tears. Now we were talking memories of the good times shared. The month of April came Easter just passing we had been very busy with the craft business. We received the news that my Dad, who had been dealing with prostrate cancer for about 7 years was having to go through more treatments. The cancer had now spread to his bones never did Dad say it is not good I am going to die soon. Instead he continued to praise the doctors and believed that the new treatments would give him plenty of more time on this earth. I talked to my Dad every other day and sometimes 3 times in one day. We talked about cooking, gardening, recipes, grandchildren, great grandchildren and just life in general. We visited several times each time I studied him not looking any different to me just a bit more tired. The time passed whereas he started getting weaker and weaker telling all of us still I am fine just tired. He stopped taking visitors and his gardening days were no longer. I never stopped talking to him on the telephone just to hear his voice felt safe. I believed he was going to survive this cancer. September 4, 2013 my Dad went home to the Lord. I cried so much and so hard I did not think I had that many tears inside me. I was able to go to his funeral but as I saw that coffin standing so still and calm in the church aisle I realized I would no longer get my afternoon chats. I would no longer see his twinkle in his eyes as he smiled. My Dad was in heaven. My sadness is so strong that some days I don't think I can bear it but then remembering I have others that depend on me that I snap back into reality. I am angry that I did not ask more questions about his cancer, that I did not listen probably as he would tell me this cancer will be taking me. I just did not want to believe my Dad would not be here to talk to me. Today I was out doing some gardening something my Dad loved to do as I looked around my yard I saw things from our grandchildren that were handmade for the garden, I saw two old windows hanging on wire that were given to me by my son in law, Drew. I gazed for over a hour at all the treasures here and there amongst the flowers and trees that were given to me from family and friends. Here in my garden I have a TREASURED QUILT of special mementos that make me smile as I see them. I have things from my Dad, Mom and so many friends alive and those also who have gone to Heaven surrounding me each and every day. This life I have here is so blessed in many ways how could I not want to be JOYOUS and feel the love that surrounds me. I will shed tears here and there for no apparent reason except to myself just as I am doing as I write this blog but I also will shed tears of joy and happiness knowing that my parents loved me and taught me so much that I now will teach my grandchildren. My Mother and Father in law gave me so much love making me feel special .... Life is in God's hands we just better know how to use it well while we are here on Earth not wasting a precious moment.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Is Spring Here?

Spring Definition: a. The season of the year, occurring between winter and summer, during which the weather becomes warmer and plants revive, extending in the Northern Hemisphere from the vernal equinox to the summer solstice and popularly considered to comprise March, April, and May. b. A time of growth and renewal I like answer b -A time of growth and renewal. We get to open our windows and doors allowing the aroma of fresh mown grass or fragant flowers in bloom. My house always gets a revamp. I change out the throw pillows on the sofa, change the chair pads around the dining room table, put away the Winter dishes bring out my cheery fiesta ware and make sure all the towels in the house are Spring colors. My husband just watches as I start to gather up the winter foliage knowing that soon I will be down in the lower garage getting the Spring boxes out to decorate. We have a bit of a hill I need to walk up from the garage sometimes I use the dolly or even better yet Steve gets into his truck to drive it down for me to load up. Oh I love when he does that saves me about 10 trips. I truly enjoy changing out the seasons even all the walking I have to do. My birthday falls in February so I am so happy that I receive gift cards to the local Home Depot and Lowes store this way I am able to revamp my flower beds also. The bulbs have started peeking their heads up from their long naps now I can see glads, tulips, paperwhites, and even some iris plants starting to bud. The orchids were saved once again from the frost thanks to Steve who remembers to move all 10 plants under the eaves. The pink blooms are sweet although I can't wait for the green and maroon colored orchids to bloom. Everything got fertilized this past weekend very glad I did since we had a wonderful downpour yesterday and more on the way. I know the saying "April Showers" bring "May Flowers" seriously we could use more sunshine these past few months my bones are not liking the cold weather. I have to put on 3 layers of clothes just to venture outside. I have been crafting these past few weeks since the weather really doesn't permit me to do much outside. I was able to finish over 18 bunnies along with some very large carrots. The bunnies and carrots have sold out hurray!! If more orders come in I will make more. I started working on some new projects already though for summer and spring. I have been putting some garden ideas together also with the help of Steve. We have old fence boards that have turned that wonderful gray color just waiting for us to work with. I am excited to share pictures on my facebook page once completed that is if I can figure out how to do this again Blogspot has changed their web site ugh. IS SPRING HERE? Yes it is

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Bunnies,Eggs,Carrots Spring Moments

I think that Spring is running a close second to my favorite time of the year. Everything is so fresh and full of color. Our yard blooms are abundant with orchids, daffodils,freshias,gerber daisys,and roses. We even had a few glads bloom already. Sweet aromas from all these flowers linger throughout the air calling me to Mother Nature. I know that I need to be inside the house doing some Spring Cleaning but I can't resist the smell of LIFE outside calling me.
I have been quite busy since Valentine's Day making bunnies, carrots, eggs and more bunnies. I used many types of mediums this time from old chenille blankets, burlap, jute unraveled, raffia painted green - I just had lots of fun experimenting with new things to create a finished product. I did have to rely on the sun alot though with our California weather we had more rain than I had hoped for in regards to drying in the Sun but on the other hand our yard loved the big drinks of refreshing cold water.
I made new friends on facebook in the past few weeks, had my first sale on Etsy, sold items off my web site and made sales from our facebook business page www.facebook.com/ourcreativehands

I am thinking I like the new format for face book -what do you all think? There is one thing though I can't favorite the pages any longer unless I am not finding that link. Is it just me? If you know how to do this please let me know.
April 1st today a beautiful Sunday that started with Sunday Mass along with my husband Steve. Palm Sunday is what we celebrate being Catholics the Mass always brings such Peace to me and having Steve there by my side even more so. Since his brain injury our understanding of prayer has only deepen making us more aware of how short time on earth is. I know we have always been grateful for blessings but now we really pay attention to LIFE that surrounds us.
I want to share pictures of the items we have been doing along with the glorious flowers I have been able to pick from the yard to bring into our home.
I want to thank all you for reading my blog following my adventures of life as a crafter and most of all sharing your adventures too.
Have a wonderful Easter with Peace and Happiness filling your heart.
Sincerely with lots of love Rachel

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Valentine's Day Hearts and Hearts Galore

This month has truly crept into the beginning of February not only my birthday month but it means Spring is just around the corner.
I will be able to start seeing the bulbs in our garden peeking out of the ground- I did actually already have two daffodils bloom surprising me with their gorgeous yellow happy faces I took a picture for my screensaver to put on my telephone.
The month started out very productive I sewed over 50 hearts all different shapes and sizes with different looks. Some had wool centers, then burlap centers each with a stencil cupid in the middle adding tags along with special saying I was happy.
I loved the one completed out of wool then added warm and natural along with onasburg each smaller in the larger center of the wool heart. I could not find the dowels I wanted to put them on "make-dos" are what they are called so as crafty is my husband he helped me come up with a stand he could cut from wood for me. These I stained but painting them will be just as great. I watched ebay for days trying to win the bid for different spools, dowels etc after this I decided too much pressure need to find my own way to display. The result was fantastic plus my husband was part of the project which he enjoys. This heart is not only going to sit on my entry table for the February month I love it so much that it will continue to be out all year. As you will see in the pictures things can be added with my first choice being little trinkets that the grandchildren give me, special items from both my Mom and Dad, her sewing needles, or locket, and or even a mismatched earring mementos of Mom, Dad on the other hand he is always on the look out for old items for me I think I learned my picking habits from my Dad- he gave me these old sewing needles from the early 20's they will be going on the heart soon. I would love for you to view the pictures to see what is started on my heart.
I put up my items for sale on face book business page for Our Creative Hands
for now hoping soon to get them listed on the web site.
Our Creative Hands face book business page has previews of the new items if I don't get them on the web site they are still available for sale you will just need to contact me.
So I have given you a little insight of what I have been doing the month of January 2012 hope that all you are starting out your new year very happy, more important "healthy" with best from me to you... Rachel

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas

I wanted to take this time and Wish each and everyone a Merry Christmas.
I can't believe that I have not been blogging for almost 2 months where did the year, the months or the time go.
Well I can't wait to share all the new pictures with you from the past few exciting months with family.
Lots of crafting was buzzing here and I really finished up at the beginning of this week unbeliveable to me.
I am going to be baking today before the family arrives for our Christmas Eve get together.
I am thankful for all the blessing we have had throughout this year and it would not be possible without the love of God and you all my followers, friends and family.
Again Merry Christmas to you and your family... lots of love Rachel

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pumpkins- Edible or Not We Love Pumpkins

October is fast upon leaving us can you believe it just over a week it is Halloween. I have you made your way to the Pumpkin Patch or decided to have the gorgeous plastic pumpkin found at Michaels Craft Store. I have pumpkins everywhere just love the orange color. I started decorating on Labor Day weekend since I really don't care for scarey Halloween I have inviting Fall decor. Pumpkins are small, big and huge. Plastic, wood, tin, fabric and stitched it doesn't matter they all have a home here in my house and yard. I don't know which I like better oh yes I do the edible type. Today I ventured into our local Starbuck Coffee shop trying their new Pumpkin Spice Latte it was so YUMMY. I know every week I will be treating myself to a tall drink to warm my bones. My husband just does not know what he is missing drinking his instant Folgers with creamora along with 1 bag of sweet and low. Boring I tell him but no changing his mind not even one sip will he take of my fabulous tasting coffee.
I receive Betty Crocker emails for receipes every day I love them sometimes I stumble upon a fantastic tip or receipe to share today it was for roasting pumpkin seeds. What a great time to share this with you since Pumpkin carving is just around the corner.
Here is the link
Betty Crocker-How to Roast Pumpkin Seeds
Please remember to scroll down for the comment area there were a few additional ideas to make the seeds taste even better.
Have a great Halloween enjoy making those costumes, carving the pumpkins and trick or treating with those you love.
I know I am looking forward to having family and friends over on Halloween night for Chili and Hot dogs with all the fixings. Desserts before we are off with all the grandchildren to show off their cute little costumes hoping for lots of candy.
This picture is 2010. Every year I am fortunate to have all the grandchildren have dinner with us then I go out in the neighborhood to trick or treat with them. I truly love this tradition ....