Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Welcome to Our Creative Hands Blog...

Hello my name is Rachel Vargo a grandmother of 7 wife and friend to my husband Steve Vargo who is the other half of our business called Our Creative Hands. We live in southern California have for all our married life of 33 years. We started crafting about 20 years ago together Steve cutting wood and helping with the designs me doing the painting or finishing touches. I never could just concentrate on one item so many items were created with wood and fabric.

Let me tell you that my love for creating items started at an early age. Elementary school I won an award for a poem titled "Butterfly" then it just went from there. I took all the sewing classes available in school including summer school. I liked it so much had to be there in the summer too. I loved textures, colors, and all mediums. I learned crocheting and knitting from my Grandmother, Rachel-my name sake. She taught me how to make doll blankets sewing them by hand mind you no sewing machine allowed. I made my first knitted poncho at the age of 8.

I just wanted to let you know who I was and why I am going to start blogging. I want to share all the ideas that I have done with my grandchildren for fun. I want to write about my adventures in "Craft Land" and just help others. I hope that you will follow me on my ventures to come.

I have a goal to write a blog a week but my hope is to write everyday even if it just to let you know how to do a baseball stitch or find the best price on supplies.

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