Monday, January 31, 2011

Recycle Bag Lady

Recycle:-to undergo reuse or renewal; be subject to or suitable for further use, activity, etc
Today I wanted to share what I have done with an old pair of my husband's levi jeans. He wears them until they are thread bare usually but thank goodness for me he got a hole in the knee area. I put them in a special pile I keep for clothing not that I am going to mend them just want to make sure I use the fabric, buttons,lace or anything else I can for my dolls. I use discarded clothing for alot of my projects. Denim is a favorite of mine. I actually saved enough pairs of Steve's jeans to create a block quilt for him using a soft flannel for backing. He used to take it when he traveled but decided it was too special to lose so now we use it for picnics and such. It is very heavy so makes a perfect blanket to spread out on the grass or sand. We had some friends see it well next thing I knew I was collecting their old jeans from them. I made each of their grandchildren a blanket created from Grandma and Grandpa's jeans. Cute pink flannel print for the girl and blue flannel covered with trucks for the boy. I included their names so forever they have a piece of their Grandparents with them always.
Fabrics are my passion with me knowing exactly what I can create from a discarded blouse, pants, or jacket. Right now I have collected all the special baby clothes from our grandchildren to make them a lap quilt. This will be more for their mothers to go back and reminisce.
Its just not the fabric I collect but the buttons oh my don't let me show you all the buttons I have. Bottles, jars, canisters,boxes and anything else I can put them in. They come from everywhere just sort of multiply but they never go unused. You will find them in the fabric items I have created or on the wood signs.
Back to my purse that I created over the weekend. Its just not a purse I made this for my recycle bags. Everytime I go to the grocery store I forget to bring in my recycle bags, not good neither I have heard that here in California we will soon have a tax to use plastic bags from the stores, I forget because I have my purse on my shoulder. Who wants to carry in their purse and all these bags? I want to go shopping in style so therefore I have created a bag to carry my bags in. I used one pair of Steve's levi's every bit of it down to the waistband area. Did you notice that was the strap. It still has the loops on it so if I want to carry my keys there no problem to connect them. Got to find a stylish lanyard to hook my keys to so I can put them on the loop. The back pockets were used even have the red levi tag, so that I have a place for my coupons that I will be using that day. Now I can toss my wallet into this bag along side of the shopping recycle bags and I will look FABULOUS.... I stitched "Recyclying Bag Lady" on top with I heart Coupons. Did you notice the big stuffed heart on one pocket and red stitching. The other side of the bag I stitched some stems using three of my favorite buttons for flowers added a final touch -a denim pin from leftover denim and buttons. Pinned it right on top. Inside I used a heavy canvas this way its an easy clean. I thought I could add some special pins or accent jewerly if I want just whatever comes to mind but this will be along the way. Probably by the time the bag comes into full cycle it will be completely adorned with my Favorite things.
So ladies a one weekend project you can all accomplish. The size you see here is one pair of 34x32 levi's. All pieces used up with a few to spare....
I am going to put them out there but not on my web site they will be available for sale but because it will be one of a kind each time I make the bag I don't want to mass produce. Everyone is SPECIAL and should have their own bag designed for just them....
Well thats how I spent my weekend was hoping to post this last night things did not work as I planned but oh well got to make room for the unexpected if I plan to enjoy LIFE....Lots of love
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  1. This so cute!
    You may have just motivated me...I saved a bunch of my daughters clothes that we were going to turn into a quilt. She almost 14 and loves to sew. Thank Goodness, because sewing is not my best skill.

  2. I was trying to reply to the above post from The Pendant Studio-
    I wanted to thank you for your wonderful comments. I am so glad that I could inspire or motivate. Spending time with my daughters was so special they grow up so quickly our baby daughter is 30. But I see that they have picked up the crafting bug too and I love it. Now my together crafts are with the grandchildren hoping they store these memories like I am.

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  9. Love the bag! Great idea!

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  11. What a cute bag. We started a clothing pantry as part of our ministry back in October and have a lady that picks up the jeans that are not really good enough for people to use. She makes all kinds of things she says out of them and is supposed to bring samples in someday. would like to see all she makes out of old jeans!

    Thank you so for coming by my blog!

    bee blessed