Sunday, January 23, 2011


Its Sunday evening already.The day did go by fast but not without sharing a beautiful balmy day here in southern California. I have found Sundays to be more enjoying than ever these past few months. My husband suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm on November 15, 2010 life was completely turned upside down. We are a religious family so many prayers were sent from all over these 50 states with these prayers, love, and support from family and friends Steve is on the recovery side of life. We tell him that he won the lottery "Lottery of Life.” Since then I do not give up my Sunday for household chores, bill paying, and working. Sunday is now a ME day. I don't mean to say that its all about "me" nope it is day for just whatever comes along no commitments to anything except church of course otherwise its a free for all. Today Steve and I enjoyed breakfast with some dear friends that we had not seen in awhile. Steve later did what he wanted which was to watch the football playoffs and I enjoyed creating. I had two items that I wanted to finish up in order to take to UPS early next week for a dear friend I am looking forward to her receiving them. Creating makes me so happy and once the order goes out, I wait anxiously to hear if it was exactly what they wanted. Anything I do I do with all my heart. Have to finish some other projects that I had been working on. Cannot wait to get them up on the web site I am excited to show you what I have been doing. To finish off the day Steve and I went down to the park in our area for a walk. A lake actually with campgrounds, water parks for the children, water boats, fishing, and playgrounds everything you could want to spend a peaceful day. We walked watching families enjoying their picnics, people fishing -we did see two fish caught today trout one about two pounds and the other about six pounds- just could not ask for a better way to bring in the nightfall. Monday is just around the corner and it is getting late so am off to dream about new patterns…

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