Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Crafting

Sunday afternoon kept me quite busy the weather here in Califormia is still brisk don't do too much outside yet so decided to clean up my craft room. I am searching for fabric everywhere in the house so that was my first priority get the fabrics together so many tubs are now full with fabric galore. I did manage to keep one tub only for the different types of muslin I like to use. Muslin is the main staple for any fabric item I sew with me I like to use several types.Textures are important for the life of the fabric product it gives the real character.Sometimes plain muslin will work,more expensive means less imperfections,I like imperfections,onsaburg,batting anything with an oatmeal look really makes me happy.Now the fabric is neatly folded in tubs,guaranteed not for long late night madness will cause me to raise havoc looking for that perfect match for that perfect project.I separated my patterns all neatly in their place,put the finished products together on the wood shelf that my husband made for me,lined up the paints,even dusted my sewing machine-that probably won't work now that it is so clean and last hung up some favorite pictures that the grandchildren created from their little hands and feet.Precious pictures from my daughters that were created from Piggies and Paws Parties that they attended. This is a fantastic company which I am the proud owner of their products. I wanted to share with you my nicely cleaned space it will not look like this for long. If you noticed I took a picture of one of the walls in the room. I painted a large tree and every year I have the grandchildren stand tall so they can be measured. This is the family tree-I look up and see all the babie's names there along with their height and date makes me feel all warm inside.I wanted to make sure that my craft room has pictures of our family all generations including some of me when I was young while I am sitting at my sewing machine I can take a glance of the life that I came from and the life that is continuing knowing
My life is Blessed
One last thing those beautiful yellow and purple irises are from my garden along with some fern that grows in front of our home.My first blooms of the season. Spring is here HURRAY!


  1. I admire your ambition! Most of my crafting/sewing/painting/scrapbooking stuff is organized.... but tucked away in corners all over the house so I can't find it.

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  2. I think this week we are going to have some nice weather for a change. Sorry it took so long to get here. Thanks for your patience.

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  9. I want to live where you live! Just looking at the picture of your flowers makes me smile. I just want to feel the warmth of the sun that grew them.

    And, oh, your tree! Such an awesome idea. I'm a grandmother,too, so I'm all over that warmth thing. Is there anything more rewarding than our sweet grandblessing?

    I'm a new GFC follower.

    Blessings on your weekend,

  10. Pamela that was a wonderful statement "Sweet Grandblessing" good for a sign to put in my room. Thanks
    The tree was not a favorite of my husband since we just had the room painted but now he is loves the joy the kids get when they are measured. Thanks ♥ Rachel

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