Sunday, September 4, 2011

Crafty Fall Items

It is already September - I have been so busy creating Fall and Halloween products. I love the aroma of cinnamon and vanilla mixed with coffee the finishing touches to the ornies, dolls and other items that I have completed. Just this makes me know that fall is in the air. Chilly nights again hurray since I do live in California we don't get that brisk change of the season colors- I have to create the ambiance myself. I decorated today that means everything that was americana for the 4th of July months gets packed away the colors of fall come out. The linens, towels, dishes, pillows, rugs everything changes in our house. My husband watches as I lug up from the bottom garage tote after tote of decorations. Sometimes he offers to help but I think he would rather let me do it by myself hoping the decorating occassion will cease to a miminal amount. No he is out of luck I love to go all out! Everything changes.. Right now pumpkins are lining the front door with scarecrows along with signs of my own and others that I have purchased the entry hall leads off with corn and gourds, old dolls that I have collected along with floral arrangements. Next the living room, kitchen and yes the bathroom are all decorated too. I don't really like Halloween too much so I hold the few items of scary Halloween week only- I do have a few scary items but its not what my little grandchildren like neither so they are happy that Nana doesn't have all the scary sounds and sights in her house. The backyard,front and side yards are all decorated with artifical flowers of fall(saves on the water bill) along with scarecrows and wooden birdhouses that my husband made for me. (And he says he doesn't like me to decorate you would never know since alot of the wood items I have he makes...LOL) I have the newest items up on my facebook fan page they will soon be on the web site but you can order directly from facebook if you want them now. I have a few more products that I am working on to finish up the Fall /Halloween pages on the web site those will be done this week coming up. A preview will be posted on the fan page first. I love comments so if you have any suggetions or requests just let me know. To end for today I have included a link that will really get your palate ready for Fall its Betty Crocker delicious desserts just for those cold evenings..

I hope you enjoy them. I am looking forward to visiting your blogs to see what the Holiday season has in store for you. Lots of love Rachel

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  1. I'm still trying to hold on to summer! Found you from the LinkedIn Blog discussion.