Monday, September 26, 2011

Recycled Jeans handmade into Lap size Quilt

Recycled Jeans have been my all time favorite from bags, vests, doll making accessories and quilts. I have found using old jeans are the perfect medium for quilt making.
My husband used to travel allot for his business complaining always about the hotel blankets since he lived in so many hotels he knew not to use the top blanket so he would always bring his own pillow but have to suffer with no blanket. He has worn Levi jeans forever nothing ever could take their place I tried Wranglers once oops they went right back to the store. Levi 501's he has probably been wearing them since Levi's was cool...Well I noticed that allot of them the knees were gone, or paint was spilled even had a few with holes idea struck me to cut them up for a quilt just for Steve. He would have his own blanket to take to the job site hotels and since it was made from Levi jeans well he would not mind this at all. I made a queen size quilt for him put a thin batting and a flannel plaid backing. Steve was thrilled and took this with him always. He only had one problem now was to make sure that it was the first thing he packed for his return home. All was good for us both.
Steve being the wonderful husband he is, always brags about my creations but the Levi quilt was his favorite. He would tell everyone about his quilt that I made from his old Levi jeans soon friends were asking me if I wanted their jeans which was a no brainer since I knew I would make something from them. I received so many from a dear married couple that were just starting to have grandchildren enrich their lives so I offered to make the babies jean quilts that were from Grandma and Grandpa. I loved making them took about 5 complete jeans I cut them up making sure the width was at least 7" no matter how long I cut them. I wanted the width to always stay at least 7" this made the quilt easier to make larger squares for me to deal with. Since the quilt was for a small child he just turned one a lap quilt size was perfect you have to remember how heavy jeans are no matter what style of jeans you use so keeping the size down makes it easier to store or travel with. I must tell you the jean material is so fantastic sand from the beach does not stick on it, grass brushes right off making sure you use a cotton backing all you do is shake and fold. Great quilt for the desert! 
I finished up another Grandbabie quilt this weekend using the perfect boy cotton fabric backing, a thin layer of batting in between for a bit of cushion, cut a pocket from each Grandma and Grandpa's pant to add, stitched his name the finished tieing off with  dark blue embroidery thread to match.
This past Saturday we headed off  to the birthday party with wrapped quilt in hand the crowd loved it and I felt the parents appreciation with my labor of love yet of course knowing this was made from the baby's grandparents jeans.
Don't get rid of the old jeans any longer no matter what type they are RECYCLE them.
I have enclosed some pictures of the newest quilt .

The day of the party I found out a new grandson just arrived before we left I asked Grandma and Grandpa to start saving their Levis again for the newest addition. I have made 3 quilts so far for this family.

Just a little side note that some of you may not know
Levi company will replace any of their jean product for manufacture defects. If you find a hole starting in the pocket area, wearing away of the material by the belt loops etc defects they will replace for the same style and size by calling 800-872-5384.
This is not a gimmick I have had several pairs of Steve's Levi jeans replaced throughout the last 8 years.
They send them back if they are not defected so holes in the knees don't count etc. I have sent back Levi shorts, Levi pants and women's Levi pants getting back brand new replacements after 6 weeks. You do pay the postage to ship them to the company but it is so worth it since Levi 501's cost 42.00.
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  1. It's so true that you can recycle jeans so many different ways! I am working on a jean quilt right now and just recently finished a back pocket organizer. I'm always on the lookout for more jean ideas because my husband goes through jeans like crazy too...especially the knees!

  2. Judy thank you for stopping by I saw your back pocket organizer that is fantastic. I never really knew what to do with all the pockets I would have sent them to you if I had known. I do have several pockets if you need any more. Send me your address via my email I can put them in the mail for you...Wonderful idea thanks for sharing Sincerely Rachel

  3. Thank you Ashley for your wonderful comment :-)