Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pumpkins- Edible or Not We Love Pumpkins

October is fast upon leaving us can you believe it just over a week it is Halloween. I have you made your way to the Pumpkin Patch or decided to have the gorgeous plastic pumpkin found at Michaels Craft Store. I have pumpkins everywhere just love the orange color. I started decorating on Labor Day weekend since I really don't care for scarey Halloween I have inviting Fall decor. Pumpkins are small, big and huge. Plastic, wood, tin, fabric and stitched it doesn't matter they all have a home here in my house and yard. I don't know which I like better oh yes I do the edible type. Today I ventured into our local Starbuck Coffee shop trying their new Pumpkin Spice Latte it was so YUMMY. I know every week I will be treating myself to a tall drink to warm my bones. My husband just does not know what he is missing drinking his instant Folgers with creamora along with 1 bag of sweet and low. Boring I tell him but no changing his mind not even one sip will he take of my fabulous tasting coffee.
I receive Betty Crocker emails for receipes every day I love them sometimes I stumble upon a fantastic tip or receipe to share today it was for roasting pumpkin seeds. What a great time to share this with you since Pumpkin carving is just around the corner.
Here is the link
Betty Crocker-How to Roast Pumpkin Seeds
Please remember to scroll down for the comment area there were a few additional ideas to make the seeds taste even better.
Have a great Halloween enjoy making those costumes, carving the pumpkins and trick or treating with those you love.
I know I am looking forward to having family and friends over on Halloween night for Chili and Hot dogs with all the fixings. Desserts before we are off with all the grandchildren to show off their cute little costumes hoping for lots of candy.
This picture is 2010. Every year I am fortunate to have all the grandchildren have dinner with us then I go out in the neighborhood to trick or treat with them. I truly love this tradition ....

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