Sunday, April 17, 2011

Crafting,Working,Gardening,Promoting and Everything Above

Sunday afternoon the weeks do flew by. I have been busy with my daughter crocheting and woodworking. I wanted to get some children items done. I have 7 "sweet grandblessings" I borrowed this from a fellow blogger who are always wanting Nana to make something for them. Bow holders,Teacher gifts,and minky bunnies dressed in pajamas the granddaughters are happy little ones now. They love to create with me one granddaughter chose all the button colors for the bow holders thank goodness for her great eyes she pointed out to me that dark blue is not black thread. I loved that moment. This one has an eye for colors she loves to draw so for her Mother's Day present she made a drawing and I am going to copy it to pillowcases and stitch.
Crafting Mother's Day is just around the corner my dear Mother went to heaven in 2009 a week after Mother's Day so in her honor I request a mass at our church then invite brothers and sisters over for a potluck. We should be together on this day to toast Mom. Good food, memories,lots of laughter and a few tears complete the day.
Trying to think what I would like to make special for our web site for this occasion it may just be something here that I could share with you all.
The site that my daughter and I teamed up to sell is
Two Generation Designs we would love for you to come by and visit. The items will get listed on both my web site and the etsy shop soon but until then anything you like or would like to order just send an email to rachel@ourcreativehands.com
Working The work I do from my home is customer service for a wonderful company called Working Solutions. I have been an independent contractor for this company over 9 years I love it. If you are considering working from home please check out this site.
Gardening my next passion after crafting has fallen to the wayside a bit only because of the weather. Its been a bit cold for me to get my hands in the dirt. I have shared pictures of the flowers and my yard which have been tending to theirselves lately. Not for long I have some veggie seeds calling my name to plant.
Promoting oh my goodness you will find me late in the evening checking emails, sending product pictures to my web designer Lisa
My Colorful Web Design of who I must recommend she was a God send to me and our business, blog hopping,facebook reading, and looking for new patterns to make..I sometimes don't even realize its past 2 am and still awake. It is the blogs that you all have created that keep me so intrigued again I want to thank each of you for the fascinating blogs.
Everything Above- Who has any time left ME! I want to put every last minute I can into making others happy, making my life with meaning and making my house a loving home.
Remember to visit our web site Our Creative Hands
for your prmiitive, country and whimsical product designs with wood and fabric


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