Sunday, April 10, 2011

Simple Handmade with Love

Sunday evening here in California the day was a perfect spring day mid 70's and the crazy wind that has been whipping my bones was mild. I promised last week to show you my yard. We have almost an acre to tend to but one area doesn't get any special treatment except monthly inspections on weed control. We actually have city personnel drive in our neighborhood to make sure weeds are not growing higher than your shins. Got to respect the fact they are just looking out for us California is known to get some mean fires. I still remember having to be evacuated from my home as a young child because of fires taking over our street. Many friends were left without homes that summer.Oh I am sorry I did not mean to take us into sadness Sundays are a glorious day and no sadness is allowed. Back to our yard I wanted to share pictures of what I get to create outside. My home used to be so full of country crafts you could not walk but years passed and then it was my husband's turn to decorate. We are white walls, not much clutter, and lots of room to walk now. It’s fine because little at a time I bring in a few pieces large enough to blend so Steve goes with it. The yard on the other hand I have free rein. Pottery, wire, wood, shelves, dressers, signs, ceramics, statues you name it I have it. I love to bring home things; this includes plant starts that many neighbors don't mind sharing with me. My son in law brought me two lead stained glass windows one time hung them with some wire they are perfect on my cedar fence. My dad also contributed to my yard with an etched window from the home I grew up in along with his door knocker. I love it everywhere you look something reminds me of good times, friends, family and calmness. Steve and I put a waterfall out front when I am in my office working or in the craft/grandbabies room I can hear the water rumbling through the rocks. It’s perfect during the summer when the front door is open you can hear it all the way into the family room. Remember the area where I mentioned weed control only this area is overwhelmed with boulders...Rocks that are fun for any child to play make believe. There is even a cave in one of them that my daughters created when they were younger. The rule is you can only play on the rocks once you turn 5 unless your older cousins are there supervising. You know who gets to supervise Nana which I don't mind at all because these rocks are magical in a way you just get lost in all the size and shapes. I can just lie back and enjoy the sun's rays while listening to happy voices of my Grandbabies pretending about some faraway place they have created.
Hope you all have a wonderful week to come. I know I will be busy working on the Minky Easter Bunnies for the granddaughters and a special peg board for a granddaughter's birthday coming up this weekend.
I have been busy this past week with my daughter Valery making some hair bow boards and other children's items.
Valery is the owner of This-N-That Boutique she has amazing talent if you want to stop by and visit her site.
Thank you all for taking the time to come by and visit. I know all of the blogs I read every day are so amazing that I want to make sure you all know how special you are to me.


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